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Yee-Haw Hee-Haw

Stick Donkey Rodeo


Yee-Haw Hee-Haw Stick Donkey Rodeo

Can we get a HEE? Can we get a HAW?! Yee-Haw, Hee-Haw! This year we're adding a new event for all ages: the Yee-Haw Hee-Haw Stick Donkey Rodeo! Bring your own hand crafted (or purchased) sticky donkey to enter this all ages event, or borrow one of ours the day of, and see if you've got what it takes to be the champion stick donkey jockey!

There will be various events in the Yee-Haw Hee-Haw rodeo, more information on the specific events coming soon.


Start crafting your stick donkey now to have a chance at winning an award for your creation! The only rule is it must be a donkey, not a horse, so make sure you're capturing those iconic big, long ears donkeys are so famous for and not horse ears.


Below we've linked to various patterns (free and paid) and ideas but the possibilities are endless! From recycled materials, to felt, to sewn fabrics, to carved wood: anything and everything goes! 

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